The Story

Our Story

I read an article recently that mentioned less than 50 years ago we ate 20 percent of our food from our backyard gardens. It is way less than 1 percent today. The term Farm to Table is a way of life that is now more than a fad. The way we are eating has real health and wellness ramifications. We believe that growing and raising corps and animals in a sustainable, chemical free environment is truly the best way to live a healthy and functional life. Casa Fattoria is the results of this idea. We began over 6 years ago from a farm that was already under organic principles. We are constantly trying to improve on this model every single day.

All animals are pasture raised and free roaming. All pastures have diversity of seeds for the health of the dirt, insects, wildlife and drought resistance. No tillage and rotation of grazing allows for the soil to remain a living ecosystem. These processes are for long term health of our animals, the crops and soil; as well as the environment.

Being good stewards of the land is a lifestyle that brings joy to our family, friends and community. Love this journey, love this life!